Wedding at Tavira’s Castle and celebration at Monte Rei Golf Club, in Tavira, Portugal

It’s kind of strange for a Portuguese to say that he’s never been to Algarve. It’s almost like an Italian saying he never had Pasta, but it’s true: I’d never been to Algarve prior to Laura and Paul’s wedding last June. So you can imagine what I felt when Laura and Paul decided they wanted us to shoot their wedding! 🙂 A couple of days before, we packed our bags and drove all the way to Tavira, this tiny little city a few kilometers from the Spanish border and the minute we got there the warm hot breeze and the magnificent landscapes made us feel right at home.
Laura and Paul came all the way from the other side of the world and got married in the castle of Tavira, which is Paul’s grandmother’s hometown. They brought their cherished family members and their best friends with them and threw this amazing party in Monte Rei Golf Club under a magnificent blue sky and a gold, sun kissed landscape. Despite the tremendous heat, we had a blast. Everyone did.

Thank you Laura and thank you Paul for believing in us and trusting us. You guys rock!

Have a great Thursday!
Marina & Pedro.

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Destination wedding planned by Algarve Wedding Planners.

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Hi I’m looking for a quote for the photography of our wedding in praia verde next May 2016.

Kind regards Paudie

Fernanda Prado

Boa atrde…lindas as fotos!!! Que hotel e este com este espaæo maravilhoso e possivel saber qual e o nome ?

Obrigada e parabens pelo trabalho de vcs

Olá Fernanda!

Obrigado! O hotel é o Monte Rei Golf Club em Tavira. O link está no texto que escrevemos 😉

Ana Freitas

Excelente! Adorei :)))

Muuiiiito bonito!!! Parabéns amigos!! vocês estão lá!! top!!!

Fantástico, um dos vossos melhores!

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