Not many couples come to our hometown for engagement sessions. It’s still pretty much a hidden gem. Not many people know about the canals, about our beautiful tiles and striped houses. We feel like the world has only found out about Aveiro in the last couple of years. For most people, it still looks like a big question mark on the map so they focus on Lisbon and Porto instead.

Rachel and Trevor decided to give a chance to Aveiro for their engagement session, and we couldn’t be happier. We took them to our favourite woods, roamed around in the old part of town, had a quick peek at the salt pans and even went to Costa Nova for a couple of last pictures as the sun went down. And after spending a bit of the afternoon with them, I kept thinking about how sometimes we hide behind our titles or judge others by their titles. How we define ourselves by our jobs, lifestyle choices and social roles and keep forgetting about our dreams or who we are as people. How we fail to see an artist in a baker, or find poetry in a picture. Rachel works as a physician and Trevor as a contractor and even though they seem professionally apart, they both actually take care of people. Rachel takes care of people’s health and Trevor builds healthy and peaceful homes for them to live in.

Together, they reminded us of that special magic that comes with two people coming from different backgrounds finding a bridge though love.

couple holding in the forest during engagement session in Aveiro black and white photo of couple hugging in engagement session in Aveiro mixed race couple hugging during engagement session in Aveiro

Hair and makeup: Lilia Costa from Good Hair Day

We’d love to shoot more here in our hometown. Send us an email if you’re planning your wedding in Aveiro or on any other part of the world!

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