Ever since Júlia was born, traveling hasn’t been the same. Seeing new places for the first time is already great on its own, but traveling with a baby transforms the way we perceive things. We start to see the world with the wonder of who’s seeing and tasting everything for the first time. We smile at each “wow” when she sees the leaning tower of Pisa, at seeing her little feet on the lawn at Piazza del Duomo, exploring every corner of that little hotel we stayed in Tuscany, sleeping on our arms while we explore the streets of Florence, at her pointing at every fruit in the Mercato Centrale and exploring the alleys in Volterra.
We’ve always liked to travel, but everything tastes a bit differently now. These are just a few frames of our last trip to Italy, a few days after Charlotte and James‘ destination wedding in Tuscany (that we’ll be sharing soon here on the blog).


É sempre um gosto ver estas vossas fotografias. Viajamos sempre um bom bocado 🙂

Um dia fazemos um tour todos juntos por lá! :*

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