It all started a few years ago when I and Marina shot Ana and Diogo’s wedding at Rio do Prado.

One of the best things about the wedding process is that it takes some time from the first contact up to the wedding day. And in that time I get to know my clients better. I get to learn about their likes and dislikes, their passions, what keeps them awake at night and ultimately, their dreams. When Ana told me they were going to have a baby, I celebrated alongside them.

I don’t take the privilege of shooting a wedding lightly so I like to nurture the relationship we have. Not only is it wonderful to shoot a wedding day, but to see the couple’s love unfold and grow in the way they planned is really special. I then get to create legacy.

A family photographer in Lisbon

Here is the truth: I don’t live in Lisbon anymore. I did about ten years ago but life took me back to my home town. So being a family photographer in Lisbon may seem a little bit far fetched but the reality is that a lot of my clients live in Lisbon. Clients who then become friends. When we visit the city we meet with them to bond over late brunches.

Choosing a place to shoot in Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city and it has many colourful walls full of tiles, majestic buildings and statues. But what makes us enjoy the city also attracts other people who love it too, so it’s rare to find a calm place that isn’t bustling with people. Because a quiet corner is hard to come by I tend to encourage families to pick a calmer place, preferably in nature where kids can roam around freely. And that’s how we ended up at Montes Claros.


mother holding a two-year-old child in a garden finding a family photographer family being photographed in Lisbon mother and child being photographed in Lisbon


Choosing someone to become your family photographer

I’m going to be honest: it’s not easy. No pun intended but you really need to click with the person you choose. Especially if your intention is doing a family session every year to mark the evolution and growth of your family. Similar to choosing a wedding photographer, having your photos taken by someone who gets you and interacts in a positive way with your kids is more likely to capture your energy as a family. And ultimately, that is what we, as parents, want: to remember our kids’ true personality rather than a posed version of them.

So finding someone who is flexible and can adjust to your family’s circumstances – nap time, yes, i’m looking at you – will be a much more enjoyable process for everyone.

And no, it doesn’t have to be your wedding photographer. I have some couples who keep choosing to work with me after their wedding, but also some couples who come to me at any stage in their relationship. And it’s beautiful to celebrate the season of life that you are in, no matter where you came from or go from here.


family being photographed in Lisbon family being photographed in Lisbon Lisbon family photograher child feeling happy playing with children


A family starts with two (or one)

It seems that when children are small, they become the focus of attention. Rightfully so, especially when you are trying to keep them safe and clean – an almost impossible task to accomplish when they are under three. Family sessions then become mainly pictures of just the kids. And as much as I love having pictures of the kids being kids, I like to remind myself that the parents are a big part of the equation and not just a worried blur in the background. That their love and connection is what sustains the family. So even if it is just a couple of portraits, some pictures of just the two of you are always on my mind.

And if you are a single parent let me tell you straight away: you are a freakin’ legend and deserve some portraits of just you as well.


portrait of a fatherportrait of a motherCouple hugging in Lisbon garden Couple hugging in Lisbon garden Couple hugging in Lisbon garden


If you would like to follow Ana and Diogo’s adventures and parenting journey, you can follow them here.


Would you like us to be part of your family legacy? Come and say hi!


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