Maternity session in Aveiro – Inês & Miguel

Growing up, I was never a fan of celebrating fathers’ or mothers’ day. Granted, in elementary we used to craft beautiful cards and write meaningful poems to let moms and dads know how much we love them. On occasions, a “world’s best dad” mug would come to play, but I didn’t get it.
As a grown up, I didn’t get why I had to buy stuff for my dad – most of times, stuff he didn’t need – to celebrate a day that was not a birthday or christmas. It felt like a fake holiday.
A hallmark holiday, according to wikipedia.

Then Júlia was born.

All of sudden, being a father and having a day to celebrate it made perfect sense. And I didn’t need any presents or cards or flowers. Having her in my life is a gift in itself – albeit difficult most some days, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

To celebrate the coming of a brand new human in to the family – and a lifetime of upcoming fathers’ and mothers’ days – Inês and Miguel decided to book me for a shoot and capture this beautiful time in their lives.

Their daughter was born a few months after the shoot, but I’m pretty sure Miguel already felt Father’s day in a different way.

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