I’ve finally taken the plunge and built a print shop!

Not long ago, I wrote a post about mental health and what I do to keep my sanity in check.

(…) I got a new bike and I’ve been riding around 200km a week. Road, gravel and everything in between.
Either alone or with friends, long 230km rides or small 20km rides. Big loops. Small loops. Grocery and errands runs or getting Julia to and from school.
I’ve taken my Fuji X100F or my phone with me on all rides and I make sure to always take at least one photo while I’m out. If I see something interesting, or the light is just right, I intentionally stop and take a moment to appreciate it and take a photo.

It’s like meditation(…)”

These photos – and all the others I take during my travels – have been living in my hard drives for way too long; it’s not fair to gather all this beautiful imagery and bury it deep in the lonely darkness of zeroes and ones.

To fight this, I’ve finally setup a print shop!

Not only you too can appreciate the beautiful light and places in the comfort of your own home, but also help support two small family businesses with your purchase.

May these photos bring you inner peace, inspire you to spend more time outdoors or help you dream with your next destination!

Visit the shop and order your prints today! Link here.

All photos are printed on 270gsm fine art cotton paper and they will last a lifetime.

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