Dana and Michelle’s LGBTQ+ engagement session in Aveiro

Celebrating love: a forest engagement session for LGBTQ+ couples

Dana, Michelle and I met at  Exodus Aveiro Fest a while back and after talking to them for a bit, it was clear that their love was special. Their relationship was lovely, quirky, and right out fun. It was evident that they were meant for each other and I just had to capture it all.

After a few texts and setting a date, we set out into the beautiful pine forests of my own backyard, right here in Aveiro. As is usual this time of the year, the light incredibly soft, golden and just perfect. The sun shining through the trees and evening mist, the forest provided the perfect backdrop for capturing their love. One of the highlights of the shoot was meeting Hazel, Dana and Michelle’s adorable furry crazeball of Swiss Shepard. Hazel brought so much joy and excitement to the shoot, and he made sure to be in all the photos.
Watching Hazel play with Dana and Michelle was a beautiful reminder of the love and companionship that pets can bring to our lives.

Dana and Michelle are completely in sync with each other. Their love was effortless, natural and it was an honor to capture it all in such a beautiful setting.

It’s very rare that I share an entire gallery of photos from a shoot. However, I was so proud of the images that we captured that day that I wanted to share them all.

dog running in the forest with stick in mouth during lgbtq engagement session

lgbtq engagement session in the forest
white swiss shepard

LGBTQ+ engagement session in the forest

To create a personal and unique love story, follow in the footsteps of Dana and Michelle by selecting a stunning location that reflects your personality and your love. Your chosen location, whether a forest, beach, or city street, can help bring your love story to life. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect location, don’t worry, as I’m available to assist you. I would be pleased to connect with you via a video call and help you decide on the ideal location for your photoshoot.

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If you’re planning a Lgbtq, engagement, elopement or wedding, I’d love to be a part of it. My bags are always packed and my cameras are always ready.

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