If you are here, I’m pretty sure someone you love sent you in this direction and that in itself is a great gift. You see, planning a wedding is a gift. It’s one of life’s greatest celebrations and deserves all the love and attention. But it can be hard to find the vendors to share the day with you. Who to chose, and are people really all they say they are? Many times it’s a gamble. That’s why we asked our former clients for referrals because they are the most qualified people to talk about our work.

We love them very much and are forever grateful that we had the chance to shoot their wedding day. It’s a privilege to create beautiful memories to be shared and enjoyed for many many years.

Shooting weddings and family sessions are our jam so, if you are looking for someone to capture your special day, fill the form below and hit submit!

About us

We’re married and truly believe in the power of love. We’re madly in love for each other. We’ve been photographing weddings for almost 10 years and we love what we do, especially because we do it together. We’ve traveled the world for weddings – from Australia to the US – and we shoot all kinds of celebrations, but we’re suckers for small, intimate and meaningful weddings. No distance is big enough to take us away from those stories.

Photo of us by Roberto from Keisy & Rocky.