Online mentoring

Online Mentoring Sessions

The Why

When I first started photographing for a living, I had absolutely no idea of the challenges ahead. I had just quit an engineering job, went head-first into opening a studio and hoped for clients to come in. I felt alone, insecure and wished there was someone who I could ask for help. Someone who I could ask questions and guide me in my journey.
In this last decade or so, life has been a whirlwind of emotions and as the business grew, I learned some lessons: financial, emotional and even technical. These experiences were fundamental to my professional growth and I would love to help you overcome your own struggles in every way I can.

The What

All questions are on the table and I can cover anything you want to learn: workflow, portfolio review, gallery delivery, albums, marketing, branding, personal work, you name it.

The How Much

One hour session: €150
This will be an online one to one session with screen share. You come up with the questions and I’m happy to cover what you’re interested in learning.

Book your place

I’m looking forward to talking with you! Email me to book your session.


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