Preset pack for Photographers

presets for photographers

Lightroom presets for photographers

Have you ever wondered if there was any way your photos could look better? I mean, you tried everything: better framing, correcting colors, white balance, better lighting, everything else under the sun… and your skin tones still look green? Fret not, I have something that might help you.

Saving time and energy

Where you are, I’ve been there for years. Edit photos for hours, the colours are okay but not stunning. You edit one and it looks fine but as soon as you look at the rest of the project, colors are uneven and very far from consistent. If you are anything like me, when I deliver work to a client, I want every image to be incredible, and to be coherent with my body of work. That is when creating a preset started to save hours to my editing time and adding the consistency I was craving.

As easy as one click

Long gone are the days where I would spend an unspeakable number of hours on a hit-and-miss kind of process editing my photos. From the moment you have your preset set, you are on the speedway to consistent colors, as easy as one click.
To me, that means more quality time with my family and spending time on the things that truly bring me joy like riding my bike or shooting more weddings. I’m selling my presets so other people, such as yourself, can enjoy editing photos and have a beautiful and consistent work without any of the hassle.

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