RodaGira, an amazing bike shop in Lisbon

Bikes. Those who know me know that I love these two wheeled vehicles. Everywhere I go, every new city, every new country, the first thing I see and notice is the bikes. The quantity, the brand, the models, the shapes. Ever since my Trek was stolen in 2012 that this has turned into an obsession, almost: and buying an old Peugeot that I restored, step by step, for a period of over a year and a half didn’t help either. During that time, I search all over the Internet for inspiration and it was on one of those searches that I found RodaGira, a little bike store in Lisbon, ran by Nuno Sota, with a massive charisma. Everytime we go to Lisbon, we have to stop by even just to say hello to Nuno. It was during one of those visits that he told us about the Dielmar project: he was building bikes to exhibit in all the major Dielmar stores across the country.
I did like the bikes but we also like to help people with what we do and when we have the chance to do it, we don’t look back: we couldn’t miss this chance! That’s when we spread all over social media that we’d be shooting these bikes in Lisbon on that day, at that time and we’d need models to participate. To our surprise, the response was tremendous! Soon we had friends and friends of friends calling and joining us on that mini adventure. And it was super fun to realise that the bikes matched the people exactly!
It was thrilling and challenging at the same time. We’ve never done anything like it before and stepping out of our comfort zone is never easy.

But it makes you grow.

Thank you all!
RodaGira bike in Lisbon Lucky Basterds pedal straps rodagira-03 portrait of hipster couple rodagira-05 rodagira-06 rodagira-07 rodagira-08 portrait of girl with balloon tatoo rodagira-10 rodagira-11 rodagira-12 rodagira-13 rodagira-14 rodagira-15 rodagira-16 rodagira-17 rodagira-18 rodagira-19 rodagira-20 rodagira-21 rodagira-22 rodagira-23 rodagira-24 rodagira-25 rodagira-26 rodagira-27 rodagira-28

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muito, muito bom. as bicicletas são lindas e as fotos fabulosas. lembro-me de terem chegado estafados a casa, mas valeu todo o esforço.
so cool!!!! nice work!!! gostei imenso!!!!! e com caras conhecidas!!!! :-)
Sara Sousa Antunes
Giríssimas :D!
Oh, yes! Beautiful bikes! So funny you post this now - we're planning a bike-hiking tour all over Iceland and didn't even had a bike! So, I just bought a 20+ year old Stevens 710 in great condition: fantastic steel frame and Shimano Deore DX components (top of the range trekking components at that time). Quite diffent though from Nunos bikes as they're single speed or fixed gear bikes. So without geeking out here - is he using already existing frames (like them a lot!) or does he also design and build them on his own? Enjoyed this post a lot my friend. :)
Thank you very much, Mark! Nuno doesn't build the frames himself, but has them made just for him. You can see all his products here: And don't forget to follow every news on his Facebook page: Cheers!
Fantastic and amazing bikes :D

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